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New Ideas On Crucial Elements In Eye Lashes

Ranking the 15 Best Amy Winehouse YouTube Videos -- Vulture

14. "We're Still Friends," unknown If the video quality weren't so poor, this performance one of the two Donny Hathaway covers on the list would rank much higher. His influence pierces through her sound, and she interprets his work like a student who's become the master. (In the lyrics for "Rehab," she sings, "There's nothing you can teach me / That I can't learn from Mr. Hathaway.") Thankfully, one fan captured her version of his blues staple "We're Still Friends" for the rest of us to play on loop from now until forever. 13. "Take the Box/In My Bed," Wembley Arena, 2004 Fans of postBack to BlackAmy might be surprised to learn she'd already been booking gigs at respected venues like Wembley Arena well before her beehive updo appeared. She used to play guitar live, too. Here's a fresher-faced, confident Amy eye lashes doing just that with back-to-back performances of songs from her underappreciated first album Frank. 12. "You Know I'm No Good," Shepherds Bush Empire, 2007 Truthfully, Amy was never at her best when performing the hits that catapulted her career to global success. (Recycling a song for publicity purposes will age it quickly.) But there's something about playing at a favorite hometown venue, as Amy calls Shepherd's Bush, that can reinvigorate an oldie-but-goodie. The fact that she also filmed this show for a concert film, 2007'sI Told You I Was Trouble: Live in London, probably didn't hurt. More from that later.

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